Towards Real Global Collaboration

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host
avatar Dimi Dimitrov Guest
avatar Osmar Valdebenito Guest
avatar Kelsey Merkley Guest
avatar Zachary McCune Guest
avatar Felix Nartey Guest
avatar Coenraad Loubser Guest

The time may finally be upon us when the knowledge shared on the internet will NOT just be written in North America or Europe, but rather from continents like South America, Africa and Asia. In what is not just a goal but a rising reality, we will hear from several voices in the community who are looking at or celebrating this exciting shift and sharing with us the details of how this is happening. Today we will hear from: Free knowledge ambassador Dimitar Dimitrov of WMDE, Zach McCune of WMF, Kelsey Merkley of Uncommon Women, Osmar Valdebenito of Wikimedia Chile, dear friend of the podcast and global coordinator of the wikipedia library Felix Nartey, and Coenraad Loubser of Wikimedia South Africa.. all these wonderful voices talking about a new era for wikipedia and in the free knowledge world. 

Movement Strategy: The Way Forward for Wikimedia

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host
avatar Nichole Saad Guest
avatar Jorge Vargas Guest
avatar Runcie Chidebe Guest
avatar Nicole Ebber Guest
avatar mckensiemack Guest
avatar Felix Nartey Guest
avatar Katherine Maher Audio Excerpt
avatar Kaarel Vaidla Audio Excerpt

Welcome to a special podcast miniseries – Source Code Berlin the Summer Sessions – Where we explore whats going on in the Wikimedia Galaxy / Free Knowledge Community around the world in 2018 thus far. Over the course of the next glorious weeks of summer (or winter depending where on the globe you live) we will be looking at some of the exciting and important developments with help from the voices of the very people involved….  Starting right now with episode one of this miniseries.. Let’s call it Movement Strategy; or if you like less official terms… the path ahead for the Wikimedia Movement.

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(Special thanks to the people at Mikme for their support; this program was recorded using the Mikme Gold microphone)

Goodbye Smart Cities, Hello Rebel Cities

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host
avatar Marleen Stikker Guest

As the year winds down, we’re cracking open the SCB archives for some of our unpublished gems. Today’s great conversation was recorded at SHA 2017.. better known as hacker camp. My guest is a legendary voice in the field of technology and civic engagement. Once involved with the legendary Digital City project in Amsterdam, her work and her presentation at camp were focused on the new era for empowering citizens within cities to keep and control their personal data.. deciding if and how they use it for a greater good. That guest is president and co-founder of the Waag Society— Marleen Stikker.

Heart of Code: A Womens* Hackspace in Berlin

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Live from Heart of Code
avatar Fiona Krakenbürger
in Berlin

Harassment of women. Abuse of power and privilege. If 2017 will be remembered for any one topic, it will involve one or all of these words. Today on the program, we go to a very special place, to learn about an initiative that focuses on women and technology- and fun …. with help from one of the best humans on planet earth.. Fiona Krakenburger…  so come along on a little Berlin journey and learn about Heart of Code!

Voices from the Wikimedia Diversity Conference

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host
avatar Sara Mörtsell Guest
avatar Felix Nartey Guest
avatar Walaa Abdel Manaem Guest
avatar Rosie Stephenson-Goodnight Guest
avatar Eddie Avila Guest
avatar Rebecca O'Neill Guest
avatar Venus Guest

What does diversity mean to members of the Wikimedia Community from virtually every corner of the world? What does it include? What are the challenges and the benefits that diversity brings to this movement? Today on the podcast, we’re in Stockholm listening to the talented and passionate voices at the Wikimedia Diversity Conference.

Photo by Jonatan Svensson Glad CC-BY-SA 4.0

Danger Ahead: Countdown to EU Copyright Reform

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host
avatar Christopher Clay
Conversation @SHA2017
avatar Julia Reda
Excerpt from a talk @CopyCamp Warsaw
avatar Dr. Till Kreutzer
Excerpt from a talk @CopyCamp Warsaw

Today on the podcast we will take another plunge into the murky waters of copyright in the EU and look at the radical changes that seem to be a done deal…  with help from Christopher Clay… a researcher, veteran of the EU policy scene who handles communication for MEP Julia Reda.  We will also listen to excerpts from a talk by both Julia Reda and Till Kreutzer on copyright reform given just last week at CopyCamp Warsaw.

Although we’ve done shows on copyright before, this one comes in as the clock is ticking away, major copyright reform will be here in a matter of weeks if not days.. what will it mean? What can be done? That’s all today on the podcast.

David Richfield: The Power of Wikimania

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host
avatar David Richfield Guest

The summer may be over, but the memorable events and the inspiring ideas of the past few months carry on in the months and perhaps even years to come.

On our last episode we previewed the topics and goals of Wikimania 2017 in Montreal. Today, several weeks after the event, we look back at how it went and what it might mean for the future of the movement.  We do so with help from legendary Wikimedian David Richfield, who was not only in Montreal experiencing it all, he is also one of the people behind next years global gathering in Cape Town!

Ideas and Objectives from Wikimania 2017

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host
avatar Asaf Bartov
in Montreal
avatar Cornelius Kibelka
Quebec, Canada

It is time once again for the annual gathering that brings together wikipedians and free knowledge enthusiasts from across the globe to discuss projects and issues that are relevant to the present and future of the most widely used internet resource on the planet.

Photo by Ezarate CC-BY-SA 4.0

Today on the podcast, we’re talking about the interesting themes and a few specific issues from Wikimania 2017 in Montreal, with help from two great voices, Asaf Bartov and Cornelius Kibelka. Together we will hear about the significance of this particular gathering and some of the major projects getting the spotlight this year.

Mentioned on the show:

Rethinking The New User Experience

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host
avatar Jake Orlowitz Guest
avatar Sneha Narayan Guest

Being the newbie in any online community can be a daunting experience that can either go well or terribly depending on an array of technical and social factors. In the Wikipedia ecosystem, stimulating and keeping new editors has long been a topic of interest for both the present and the future of this beloved resource.

This was part of the inspiration that led to a research experiment entitled “The Wikipedia Adventure”, where new users got to try out a gamified version of the first time editor experience, the subject of much discussion around the internet. Today on the podcast its the Wikipedia Adventure, with researchers Sneha Narayan and Jake Orlowitz.

Correction from Sneha: I misspoke a little around the 5 minute mark – I claim Wikipedia’s sharp growth in editors happened about 4 years after it actually did. Oops! In reality, the community gained a lot of contributors starting in 2003, peaked in 2007, and then began to slowly decline.

Global Innovation Gathering: From Berlin With Love

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
In Berlin, Germany
avatar Geraldine De Bastion Guest

We’re back again with a Global Innovation Gathering edition of the podcast, as the global network becomes an organization, and the cross section of projects moves from theoretical to practical. 2017 is a momentous year for this group of people and the work they are passionate about, and I had the good fortune of being with them and getting to hear all about it.

Photo by Jay Fajardo

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