Feeds and Other Features on the Way

Greetings friends and listeners, just a quick note to let you know that the podcast feed will be up and running soon as well as a few additional features to make your listening life a little easier. In the meantime, feel free to press play and give show 1 a listen.


6 thoughts on “Feeds and Other Features on the Way”

    1. Hey curious! The good news is that the feed is working and you should be able to add it to your podcatcher now or later today. Im going to add specific feed links today which may help. So far its working and listed in itunes and downcast. By all means let us know later of it works in your podcatcher of choice.

  1. Hey Mark,

    is the feed really in iTunes? I just used the original Podcast App in iOS 7 and i don’t find the feed when I’m searching for “Source_Code” or “Sourcecode”.
    Even when I try to add the feed via browsing this website and clicking the link on the iPhone doesn’t work.
    Is the iTunes link broken?

    But when I click the m4a link it works. 🙂

    Just as an info for you.

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