Software Craftsmanship: Values, Practices and Community

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host
avatar Jeroen De Dauw Guest

Today on the program we speak with Jeroen De Dauw, a developer and software craftsmanship advocate. As software grows and becomes more complex and ever present in every part of our lives, he’s our guide into a world that is rarely discussed in the mainstream.


2 thoughts on “Software Craftsmanship: Values, Practices and Community”

  1. I found it strange Jeroen avoided the subject of working conditions in the industry. Insane schedules, high pressure and long hours inevitably lead to mistakes and poor products.

    The “manifesto” which contains only of a few wishy-washy lines does not adress the real underlying problems. In this sector “good enough” is often prefered over”well crafted” because most companies only look at short term goals and are not willing to invest more than absolutely necessary.

    By basically telling developers “well, you just have to become better” is almost like blaming them for the situation.

    1. Bit late on the comments.. apologies.. your point is a good one. Perhaps he hasn’t experienced that. The blame is on me, I should ask such questions and repeat them if need be.

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