EnthusiastiCon: Come and join us! We have a schedule for the programme!

We’re having a conference for the programmer community. Located in Berlin, we want to bring people together that care about the passion of programming and the joy of code.

On June 19th-21st 2015, we’ll have a series of very short talks on what excites us about programming – the strange, the wonderful, and the clever solutions to unusual problems.

And now we have a schedule for the talks that will be presented!

What kind of things will be presented? Glad that you asked! Among other things, we’ll hear about secrets in the Pokémon binaries, math in Web development, Hole-driven Haskell and much, much more! We’ll hear about clever hacks, brainy stuff, things about our craft and us, building things with Open Data, and deep relationships (and meaningful code)!

Rush to the (beta version of) the schedule and be sure to join us!

EnthusiastiCon takes place from June 19th-21st 2015 at Wikimedia Deutschland, Tempelhofer Ufer 23-24, 10963 Berlin.

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