The Camp Edition

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host
avatar Mitch Altman Guest
avatar Geraldine De Bastion Guest
avatar Anna Waldman-Brown Guest
avatar Chinmayi Guest

Every 4 years, a massive collection of curious and creative minds from all over the world make their way to a green space outside of Berlin where they build a temporary physical community made up of what for most of the year, is only a virtual one. It is here at hacker camp, over the course of a week, they share their work, inspire one another, learn something new, relax, play, swim or simply drink tea with friends.

crash-logo copyThe event: the Chaos Communication Camp 2015 an open-air even where the ideas go far beyond the tents and blinking lights, to a larger world where questions of privacy, information, rights, and more, are so often being decided for us behind closed doors. Today we explore this event and what it is about and what impact it has on… well.. everything.

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