About this Blog

The goal of Source Code Berlin is not only to showcase the phenomenon that is Berlin as a creative city, but also to take a curious and critical look at the why and how it all works at the individual level.

We want to focus on creativity and innovation in fields related to open source technology. Focusing on the key factors that have made Berlin into a magnet for new and interesting ideas from around the EU and the World. This would include aspects of lifestyle and experience of individuals; why they came (or plan to come) and what obstacles they faced in doing so.

It also looks at places within Berlin, how hubs for such projects evolved into such success stories. Within those spaces and among those individuals the blog looks at the personal and organizational politics that either help or hinder their work. This includes questions of gender, age, and various other socio-cultural elements.

Wikimedia Deutschland likes to support coders and get in contact with them.

Source Code Berlin looks into creativity and innovation in fields related to open source technology in Berlin in form of bi-weekly podcast, events and tech videos.