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Writing easy to maintain code – a talk by Jeroen De Dauw

A talk by Wikimedia’s very own developer and Software Craftmanship advocate Jeroen De Dauw about how to maintain code.
A significant amount of time is spend on reading code, sometimes more than on writing code. Jeroen asks questions like how does elegant code tend to rot over time, and what can developers do to prevent that? In this short talk, a series of common pitfalls and ways to avoid them will be outlined. Specific tipps show how you can apply the useful ideas for maintaining code right away.

You can find more on Software Craftmanship on Jeroen’s website.

The unexpected side of web development – Or: I was told there would be no math by Daniela Berger

Daniela Berger talks about a few non-standard web development projects she has worked on in the past. Take a detour through Second Life with Daniela and listen to her stories about being  one of the early Silverlight apps writers – juggling geo coordinates and the matching maths.

Chris Ward “Printing the web” at EnthusiastiCon 2015

It’s Tech Talk Friday again! Today Chris Ward talks about game development.

When Chris Ward thought about making a game, he found that sometimes simplicity in programming is better. Significant about Chris Ward’s game is that he even made the process of his game open source to make it easier for people to collaborate on the game.