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Danger Ahead: Countdown to EU Copyright Reform

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host
avatar Christopher Clay
Conversation @SHA2017
avatar Julia Reda
Excerpt from a talk @CopyCamp Warsaw
avatar Dr. Till Kreutzer
Excerpt from a talk @CopyCamp Warsaw

Today on the podcast we will take another plunge into the murky waters of copyright in the EU and look at the radical changes that seem to be a done deal…  with help from Christopher Clay… a researcher, veteran of the EU policy scene who handles communication for MEP Julia Reda.  We will also listen to excerpts from a talk by both Julia Reda and Till Kreutzer on copyright reform given just last week at CopyCamp Warsaw.

Although we’ve done shows on copyright before, this one comes in as the clock is ticking away, major copyright reform will be here in a matter of weeks if not days.. what will it mean? What can be done? That’s all today on the podcast.

Wikimedia Conference 2017: The Future of Free Knowledge

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Recorded live at Wikimedia Conference 2017 - Berlin
avatar Juliet Barbara Guest
avatar Shani Evenstein Guest
avatar Cornelius Kibelka Guest
avatar Andrew Lih Guest
avatar Adele Vrana Guest
avatar Sarmad Said Yaseen Guest

A few weeks ago, as spring made itself felt in Berlin, I had the privilege of attending a gathering of dedicated individuals from around the world, who came together for one over arching purpose  beyond the many specific projects they are busy with — the future of Free Knowledge.. and with that.. a path forward for the global movement known as Wikimedia.

Image by Oxana Baerbach CC-BY-SA 4.0

The event is entitled, the Wikimedia Conference 2017 and today you’re going to hear the big questions and ideas that were taken on and mulled over with the needs and realities of future generations in mind. In a time when so many might feel very cynical about the world and cooperation across borders & cultures, we’re going to hear about a future filled with not only possibility, but also progress. Today on the program, experience a spirit of dedication and possibility at the Wikimedia Conference 2017.

The Creative Commons Search We’ve Been Waiting For

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host
avatar Ryan Merkley Guest

The first version of the creative commons license was released in 2002. Since then the number of content making use of CC is thought to be over 1 billion. Unfortunately searching through this content has been a fragmented, limited, harrowing task. Until now.

Screenshot 2017-03-15 11.05.04Today on the program, Creative Commons CEO Ryan Merkley presents the front door to the world of Commons: CC Search.

Show includes clips of Ryan Merkley and Lawrence Lessig during a panel discussion at Creative Commons Korea (Nov. 2015).

Playful Commons: A License to Play

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host
avatar Sebastian Quack Guest

tumblr_nqd7jkeErQ1uu97tno1_500Today on the program we’re re-focusing on the idea of place and how places can be used – specifically as spaces for playing games and a legal framework to preserve that right. In a world, especially the urban world, where so many of our activities are subject to rules and penalties for violating rules… there is a group of people in Berlin and around the world, who are exploring and promoting the concept of finding ways to play in everyday life. Why play and how to play in the major cities of this world..? – We will get into that as well. With help from one of the pioneers of the playful commons concept…  Sebastian Quack.


Free Knowledge and Game Design

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host
avatar Thorsten S. Wiedemann Guest
avatar Carmen Guest
avatar Lucie Guest
avatar Helen Hahn Guest

Game_JamGame Jam: a concept that brings together game designers and game enthusiasts for anywhere between 24 and 72 hours with the purpose of planning, designing and creating a game. Since they started more than a decade ago, Game Jams have been going on regularly, all over the world often with specific themes.

Recently at Wikimedia Deutschland in Berlin, there was the Free Knowledge Game Jam; where participants were  challenged to create a game that makes use of publicly accessible free and open licensed data and/or tools. A concept with far reaching impact, not only for game makers but for society as a whole.
Today on the program, we’re walking around the Free Knowledge Game Jam learning about these talented participants and their unique projects.