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From Berlin to Baghdad: Bilal Ghalib on Hacker Space Ethos

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
On the Roof Top
avatar Bilal Ghalib
Overlooking Friedrichshain

At the height of the hacker space movement in 2008, technology enthusiasts around the world were busy creating spaces for co-working, experimenting, and learning.. among other things. Many of the design layouts and organizing methods they were using came from the established hacker spaces in places like Berlin, Hamburg and San Francisco.  In those days, not unlike today, there was a lot of talk about what cool machines and gadgets a space should have, not to mention strategies for attracting and keeping membership. Of course methods that work in Berlin may not necessarily work in Baghdad, which is an issue today’s guest has been tackling for the past few years. Beyond cultural differences, as an organizer and fascilitator of co-working and hacker spaces throughout the world, Bilal Ghalib believes there is a fundamental re-evaluation needed in the quest to make creative spaces for people, a new way of thinking that goes beyond having cool devices or making things and instead focuses more on community and the idea supporting one another.


Coding Davinci: A New Approach to Culture Data

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host
avatar Katy Hyyppä Guest
avatar Mareike Hirschfeld Guest
avatar Andreas Kahl Guest
avatar Mirjam Wenzel Guest
avatar Stephan Bartholmei Guest
avatar Beate Rusch Guest
avatar Barbara Fischer Guest
avatar Helen Hahn Guest

It is an area of information long protected by those deemed experts and worthy… I’m talking about cultural institutions; museums, library, vast collections of the things that make up our lives. Forget what you know about traditional museum or library visitations, this is about the interested and innovative individuals having a chance to use data – legally- and create with it! And for many it all begins in Berlin at an event called Coding Davinci where cultural institutions meet the creative public and say — to put it in simple terms – here’s what we’ve got to offer, what can you make out of it? Today on the program we’re exploring this new paradigm of cultural institutions and talking with everyone involved – Its Coding Davinci and the world may never be the same again.

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Neukölln: Changing at the Speed of Life

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host
avatar Caroline Marburger Guest
avatar Paul Hawkins Guest
avatar Christian Grasse Guest

It is no secret that Neukolln is changing fast but the speed with which it changes shocks even longtime residents and observers who have been following changing Berlin over the past decades.  Today on the program we get on the street and tap into the creativity and quirkiness in one of the most fascinating and contreversial neighborhoods of Berlin.

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