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Heart of Code: A Womens* Hackspace in Berlin

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Live from Heart of Code
avatar Fiona Krakenbürger
in Berlin

Harassment of women. Abuse of power and privilege. If 2017 will be remembered for any one topic, it will involve one or all of these words. Today on the program, we go to a very special place, to learn about an initiative that focuses on women and technology- and fun …. with help from one of the best humans on planet earth.. Fiona Krakenburger…  so come along on a little Berlin journey and learn about Heart of Code!

C-Base: 20 Years of Inspiring the World

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host
avatar Macro Guest
avatar Suskie Guest
avatar Woodworker Guest
avatar E-punc Guest
avatar Henri Bergius Guest
avatar T Guest

This summer at Chaos Communication Camp 2015, one of the world’s first hacker spaces, C-Base, celebrated its 20th birthday and today on the program, that celebration continues. Join us as we introduce the space and hear from some of its crew as they recount their first experiences at C-base, what it means to them, and some wonderful or odd moments that they will never forget.

c-base-Logo-page-001Useful Links:

Upcoming event hosted by Mark Fonseca Rendeiro:

Live Podcast September 27th

Creative Spaces Make Happy Faces: Collaborative Work in Berlin

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host
avatar Kalie Moore
avatar E-punc
avatar Aleks
avatar Alexander Lang
avatar Gizmo

Photo 26-09-14 18 07 07It is no easy task to try and keep track of the ever growing number of startups and tech projects in a city like Berlin. And with those startups come a whole slew of co-working offices, hacker spaces, and cafes where people can be found working together everyday. How do these places structure themselves, who are the people working there, and what is their function in the community? What characteristics does a Berlin space have that differ from any other place in the world?

Today on the podcast we explore the places and spaces where the magic happens. A journey inside the walls of some very interesting places, to hear from the people who help keep things humming along.

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