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Social Entrepeneurship the Berlin Way

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host
avatar Fabienne Riener Guest
avatar Evgeni Kouris Guest

Although there are many examples where social entrepeneurship is just a buzz world or a marketing tool, in Berlin, within the startup world, there is a strong emphasis on running a business that does some good for the world. Spend any time talking to founders and CEO’s of startups in this town and chances are you will hear how they both meet their needs as a business and as a part of a community or society.

Today on the program we explore Social Entrepeneurship done the Berlin way, or running a successful business while making a difference in a community/society. And to do that we bring you two experienced voices, Fabienne Riener of Source Fabric, and Evgeni Kouris of Toywheel and Gamewheel, who will help describe how they see and navigate this combination, in this town, at this particular moment in history.

At Home in Silicon Allee: The Expat Experience

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host
avatar Henri Bergius
in the studio
avatar Luc De Louw
on the skype

With a booming tech industry that has captured the imagination of the entire continent, Berlin has not only attracted people from all over Germany, it has become a new home for thousands of expat coders, programmers, developers, and creative minds. But beyond the numbers, what of the experience of the expat coder in Berlin. What pulled them in? What keeps them? And what surprises have they encountered along the way? How does this environment factor into the work they do?

Today we examine the expat experience with the help of two talented individuals, from the land of Nokia and long winters, Henri Bergius, and from the land of chocolate, watches, and small knives, Luc De Louw.