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Aeron Buchanan “The World Computer”

This Tech Talk Friday is as timely as it can be. Just a day after the Ethereum team elaborated on their launch plan in a recent blog post, Source Code brings to you a presentation about Ethereum, the World Computer, in which Aeron Buchanan explains and showcases some main elements of the project. Buchanan touches upon the reality of the World Computer covering topics like its decentralised organisation, open source software and encrypted graphic identity.


Programming and Parenting: Learning from Experience

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host
avatar Kathryn Rotondo Guest
avatar Daniel Schweighöfer Guest
avatar Ola Gasidlo Guest

Startups and tech companies became famous over the past few years for their alternative approaches to work structure and employee relations. But one area that no one talks about and few think about is how these institutions address programmers who become parents.  Until recently, it has been among the more undiscussed topics in the world of tech. But all that is about to change, and my guests on today’s program can explain why.

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Stefanie Schirmer “OMG building a shell in 10 minutes” at EnthusiastiCon

According to Wikipedia a shell script is a computer program designed to be run by a command line interpreter. Typical operations performed by shell scripts include file manipulation, program execution, and printing text.
Sounds complicated? Watch in this video how Stefanie Schirmer will build a shell in ten minutes.

The Curious and Creative Minds of EnthusiastiCon

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host

A few days ago EnthusiastiCon at Wikimedia Deutschland brought together a group of energetic and inspired individuals who love programming or are interested in programming at some level (from the most basic to wow my brain hurts so good right now). enthusiasticon-avatar1-300x300Together, over the course of two days, they presented what they love and explained why they love it. They inspired one another and there was plenty of laughing, learning and entertainment along the way. On today’s podcast we present to you some of the voices from EnthusiastiCon!

New Frontiers for Teaching and Learning

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host
avatar Abe Pazos
Is his kitchen.
avatar Rachel Uwa
In her kitchen
avatar Maria Reimer
via VOIP

School. As soon as you hear the word you probably have a few flashbacks. Some of them horrible, others might be nostalgic and happy. Wherever you are in the world, there is an established concept of school, how it should work and what it should do. Now take a city like Berlin where so many people are busy re-examining and re-inventing traditional conventions. Over the past decade many unique approaches to teaching and learning have taken root here. And today on the program we will bring you three voices – Abe Pazos, Rachel Uwa, and Maria Reimer. Three pioneers of teaching and learning.. one podcast