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Programming and Parenting: Learning from Experience

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host
avatar Kathryn Rotondo Guest
avatar Daniel Schweighöfer Guest
avatar Ola Gasidlo Guest

Startups and tech companies became famous over the past few years for their alternative approaches to work structure and employee relations. But one area that no one talks about and few think about is how these institutions address programmers who become parents.  Until recently, it has been among the more undiscussed topics in the world of tech. But all that is about to change, and my guests on today’s program can explain why.

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Beyond Poor and Sexy Berlin

avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
avatar Marcel Krueger
avatar Lydia Pintscher

Welcome to the first episode of Source Code Berlin, a new podcast project from Wikimedia Deutschland. Our goal is to better understand the talented, creative, and driven Berliners, especially in the world of open culture projects and open source programming. Who are they? What do they do? Why are they here? The big questions on the road to understanding what seems to have become a global phenomenon. Photo 27-09-14 14 04 14

Today we start with the long view, the observations of writer, journalist and historian Marcel Krueger.

Then we move indoors and get more specific, a look into the world of Wikimedia Deutschland with help from free culture enthusiast and Wikidata Project Manager Lydia Pintscher, as we explore some specific projects and how they connect with the big picture.

Additional music on this episode includes: Hungaria by Latché Swing